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The Interlake Traveler Series is a great way to improve your sailing skills by sailing different venues.  More importantly it is fantastic way to meet other Interlakers across the ISCA.  Click for current Notice of Race.

2024 Notice of Race

For many years, the Interlake Sailing Class Association (ISCA) has sponsored the Travelers’ Series as a measure of performance through a year’s series of regattas.  The Travelers’ Series will be run on a calendar year basis including all regattas that meet the requirements of the rules below:

Series Approval.  The regattas to be scored in the series are approved by the ISCA Board of Directors at the beginning of the sailing season.  Proposals for inclusion in this series are submitted to the ISCA in February at the Fleet Captains’ meeting.

Changes.  Any changes to this series notice will be published in the Intercom and a copy mailed to the current list of Fleet Captains as published in the Intercom.  The changes become official as of the date the notices are mailed to the fleet captains.

Eligibility.  The helmsman must be an active member of the ISCA.  Race results will be scored for the regattas sailed in which the helmsman was an active member.

Schedule.  The regattas that make up this series are the following (dates and specific locations are published on the class web site):

  • Midwinters @ Davis Island YC
  • Chiefs @ Leatherlips YC
  • Indian Lake Regatta @ Indian Lake YC
  • Cattail @ Jolly Roger SC
  • George Fisher Memorial @ Hoover SC
  • Great North @ Grand Traverse YC
  • ISCA National Championship**
  • President’s Cup @ ASI – Kent Lake
  • Hot To Trot @ Portage YC
  • One Design Regatta @ Sandusky SC
  • Haphazard Regatta @ Mohican SC
  • Poltergeist @ Indianapolis SC
  • Fall Blowout @ North Cape YC
  • Snowball @ Buckeye Lake YC

Measurement.  The helmsman’s boat must meet all specifications of the ISCA at each regatta where it is entered for the results to be scored in the series.

Scoring.  The scorekeeper awards to each helmsman one point for a first place finish in any of these regattas, two points for a second place finish, and so forth, as reported in the Intercom or ISCA website.  All scores from a regatta marked with a “**” in the schedule count as two regattas with the same score. To qualify for a trophy, a helmsman must have sailed in sufficient regattas to have no less than five (5) scores. Trophies are awarded on the basis of each helmsman’s best five (5) scores. Points are earned based on regatta’s final standings as published in the Intercom.  Nationals – Challenger Fleet – for the purposes of the Travelers’ Series, competitors will be scored with the number of points equal to their finishing position in the Challenger Fleet plus 1/2 times the number of boats entered in the Championship Fleet, rounded up to the closest whole number.

Ties will be broken as follows:

  • If there is a series score tie between two or more boats, each boat’s series scores shall be listed in order of best to worst, and at the first point(s) where there is a difference the tie shall be broken in favor of the boat(s) with the best place(s). No excluded scores shall be used.
  • If a tie remains between two or more boats after using the above method, the tie shall be broken using the results of head-to-head competition at the counted regattas to be determined by which beat the other boat the most times. No excluded scores shall be used.
  • If a tie remains between two or more boats after using the above methods, they shall be ranked in order of total boats beaten in the counted regattas. No excluded scores shall be used.
  • If a tie still remains between two or more boats after using the above methods, they shall be ranked in order of total boats beaten in all regattas. Previously excluded scores shall be used.

 Abandoned races or regattas in which no races are started shall not be scored.

Submitting Results.  The regatta’s host fleet shall be responsible for submitting the scores to the Intercom editor by November 1.  Failure to submit these scores may result in that regatta being removed from the series and will result in those scores being omitted from the current series.  Any correction must be brought to the attention of the scorekeeper and documented before December 1.

Scorekeeper.  The scorekeeper for the Traveler’s Series for 2024 is Daniel Olson.


Approved by the ISCA Board of Directors.