The ISCA is comprised of sailors who share a love of the sport, and a desire to see it grow.  The mission of the ISCA is to create an environment that promotes keen and friendly competition with an emphasis on teaching and assisting the entry level sailor.  The ISCA is committed to growth through the management of sales, distribution, and marketing of the Interlake sailboat.

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Yearly ISCA boat owner member dues are only $30 ($12.00 for an associate/crew membership*) By joining the ISCA you benefit from:

Management of One Design rules: The ISCA licenses the builder, and monitors boat dimensions and specifications through the Chief Measurer and the Executive Committee.  This assures that all boats will be created and remain equal.  Adherence to a truly one-design boat makes racing a measure of skipper and crew performance, not boat performance.  It also means that older boats will not become obsolete due to uncontrolled change, but change only in such limited ways as the class chooses after input and voting.

Organized Racing: The Traveler’s Series is a multiple race series held each summer, allowing ISCA members to race against the best sailors in the class.  The Travelers Series also gives participants the opportunity to travel and visit different sailing clubs on bodies of water that range from cozy inland reservoirs, to picturesque ports on Lake Erie, to the historic Potomac River and Tampa Bay.  The Interlake Nationals are held at a different location each year, and provide both championship and challenger level competition.  Each boat receives a transom sticker to certify current membership.

Member Communication: The Intercom is the class newsletter.  It contains useful articles on tactics and boat tuning, plus regatta information and results.  If you are looking to buy or sell a used Interlake or boat parts, the Intercom’s classified ads are an excellent resource, as is the online Classified page.  The Intercom is published 5 times per year and its subscription is included in the ISCA’s annual membership dues.  The web site you are visiting has a growing role in communication among class members and officers.  Members also receive a class Handbook with class rules, information about Interlake fleets and members, and other useful information.  We keep rough track of class members (and some non-member owners) locations in the nationwide Interlake Neighborhood.

Membership Education and Training: The ISCA is dedicated to educating and training its members. An Interlake training video is available, titled: Boat Tuning, Sail Trim & Boat Handling.  The program runs 1 hour and 10 minutes, with instruction from some of the most talented Interlake sailors and National champions.  To purchase a copy of the DVD, contact Tom Humphrey at, or go the the DVD Purchase Page.

Class Promotion: New members and new fleets help keep the class strong.  The ISCA advertises selectively, and seeks opportunities at boat shows, on the Internet, and elsewhere to make prospective members aware of the Interlake class.

Boat parts and service: The ISCA and Customflex are committed to providing the best service possible.  Detailed drawings showing rigging tips and corresponding parts numbers are available with just a phone call.  The ISCA staffs a Builder/Membership Committee to constantly evaluate and improve the service to members.

Owning an Interlake is only half the fun.  Joining the ISCA can double your enjoyment.  Ready?  Contact the Class Secretary or your nearest Fleet Captain to join, or visit the to buy a membership online or print a form to mail with your payment.

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