Sailing Class

The Interlake

About the Interlake

The Interlake is a fast, maneuverable one-design sailboat that is generally sailed with a 2 or 3 person crew. Interlakes have a mainsail, jib, and spinnaker and they are:

  • Fast and powerful due to a large roach mainsail and powerful spinnaker
  • Stable yet nimble with hard chines and a generous rudder
  • Comfortable to sail and race with a wide deck and low centerboard trunk
  • Easy to set up and sail with a durable and forgiving rig
  • Just plain fun to sail!

Interlakes excel in open water or small lakes and are a very tactical boat in all conditions. 

Our one-design rules keep the boats virtually identical or similar in design ensuring that the sailors determine the outcome, not the boat. It also keeps Interlake racing affordable and older boats competitive.

“Extremely tactical” is the way multi-class champion George Fisher describes Interlake racing.  “The stiff mast makes a great equalizer,” says George.  This fact also allows the skipper to tune into the great feel and responsiveness of the boat and concentrate on wind and tactics . . . not tweaking the rig. Interlake racing is tight!

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Tuning and Tips

Interlake Video Library

Boat Measurement

  1. How to measure a boat (Powerpoint) 
  2. How to measure sails (Powerpoint) 
  3. Measurement Certificate Database (Excel) 

Thinking of making a change to your Interlake? Check the Interlake Specifications here and if you have any questions (or just want to be sure) contact our Chief Measurer.  You want to be sure that your Interlake meets the class rules to maintain its one-design status.