Sailing Class

People Make the Class



Fleets are the local groups of Interlake sailors. Find a fleet near you and reach out to the Fleet Captain listed. They will set you up with sailing opportunities, help you find a good boat, or most anything to get you sailing. Interlake sailors want new people to discover and learn our sport.

Interlake Class Officers

The Interlake Sailing Class Association (ISCA) is the governing body for Interlake sailing. The officers are all volunteers who want to help you discover Interlakes and get involved.


Interlake History

The Interlake was commissioned by the Sandusky Sailing Club in 1933.  Francis Sweisguth, who had already designed the Star, was hired to develop a centerboard boat for the waters of Lake Erie and Sandusky Bay.  The craft was to be tactical with a good turn of speed, raced by two to three people and also accommodate four or more adults for a comfortable day sail.  It needed to be easily trailerable and easy to sail.  The result was the Interlake.  (It also singlehands very well).

The Interlake has endured for over 85 years and they are still being built today! When sailing an Interlake you can expect a dry ride (in most conditions), good upwind ability, smooth planing off the wind, and good speed at deep sailing angles.  Acceleration is good, better than with most similar dingy classes, and maneuverability is exceptional.  The helm is light and responsive, immediately telling the skipper what to do.  If the skipper doesn’t listen, the boat simply goes a little slower . . . it won’t break anything or throw the crew in the drink. All the basic controls are there to adjust the sails to the conditions.  Then just trim and go.  The straight-ahead nature allows performance at peak level without a lot of tweaking.  Not only is it fun to go fast, but this makes the Interlake an extremely tactical boat.

The only way to truly understand that this is just part of the story is to take a ride.  Yet the best part of the class is not the boat, but the sailors.  Sailors who cheerfully share their knowledge because they enjoy close competition.  Sailors who keep the good times going off the water as well.  The Interlake and the company it keeps are, well, . . . irresistible.