Sailing Class

The Interlake Sailing Class


Come Sail An Interlake.

People like you are sailing Interlakes today. Some are racing, others are day sailing and just enjoying the day. Some started out as experienced sailors, others only knew they wanted to sail and be on the water.

Great People Make a Great Experience.

You’ll find families, friends, kids, and nice people sailing Interlakes and they want you to sail too. Fleets and clubs (organized groups of sailors) around the Midwest provide ample opportunities to learn to sail, compete, and make new friends. You can get started today!

Are You Looking to Compete?

Sailboat racing is blast and the Interlakes have strong competition that will challenge sailors of all levels and ages.  No matter your skill or experience level, there are others at the same level in the Interlake.  As a Midwest class, we have many fleets and regattas to chose from.  Our Travelers Series features 14 events, most within a few hours drive.

Buy and Sell

Want to buy or sell an Interlake or need some parts? Visit our online marketplace to get started.

Find Interlake Class Resources

Looking for specs, bylaws, or other info? Visit our resources page to get this information and more.