We have several sections to explore.

  1. Tuning, Sail Trim and Boat Handling Instructional DVD
  2. Sail Makers – Links to several sail manufacturers of Interlake sails (Please note this list is not all inclusive and is not an endorsement by the class on any sail manufacturer).
  3. Classifieds – List of used boats, used sails and used boat equipment.
  4. Donation Page – Donate to the ISCA!

If you would like to advertise an Interlake sailboat, spars, sails or other equipment in this space, please send your information to for posting on this site.   We will place the date of posting with your ad, and will delete the ad after three months.  Please contact us when the item is sold, or your Wanted ad satisfied (to convey your heartfelt gratitude, if nothing else).  If it has not sold in three months, please contact us and we’ll be happy to keep it posted for another three months.  All representations are solely the responsibility of the submitter.

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