Sailing Class

Founder's Cup

Deed of Gift  (a gift to the ISCA from new fleet #38, GTYC, 1998)

 (redrafted 2001, tiebreakers-tweaked 2005)

Purpose: “To foster friendly competition between fleets as well as to remember & give recognition to those who formed the ISCA.”

1.  May only be awarded to an ISCA fleet.

2.  The Perpetual trophy and scrapbook shall be publicly displayed at the Defender’s home club (or a club with an ISCA fleet of the Defender’s choice). (Note: scrapbook was lost around 2008)

3. Trophies:

 Perpetual trophy shall read:  YEAR   FLEET #        CLUB

        i.e.                 1998   fleet 38         Grand Traverse YC

No longer will individual names be recorded.  It’s about the Fleet.

Annual:     A trophy for the winning club (new Defender) to keep and display for all times.

                   Presented to Championship fleet.

The Founder’s Cup is to be sailed as an additional award in a “Traveler’s series” regatta.

4.  Scoring:

  Participation score

  1 point          Fleet with most boats on the line (not Defender).

  2 points        2nd Largest Fleet (not Defender).

  3 points        3rd largest fleet (not Defender).

  4 points        All other fleets and Defender*.

*  Defender’s Participation score is on a sliding scale.  It increases by one point for each consecutive year the Defender retains the title.  (ex:  For the Defender’s first year 4+1 = 5 pts participation score.  Second year, 4 + 2 = 6 points, etc.)

In the event of a participation tie, fleets shall be scored with their best position and the next position shall be left vacant.  ex:  Two firsts, no seconds, a third, etc…

The first two races of the regatta are scored (low pt.) for the Founder’s Cup.  In each race, the best two boats from each fleet will be scored as the fleet score for that race.  However, if the regatta is a multi-day regatta, and only one race is sailed on the first day, then the Founder’s Cup shall be awarded based on the results of the 1st day.  The Founder’s Cup is to be awarded at the end of the first day of that races take place.

No races are required to determine a “Founder’s Cup” Champion.  The participation score meets the minimum requirement.  If only one race is sailed, then that score is added to the participation score.

If the Cup’s competition is held at a site and regatta hosted by a fleet other than the Defender, then only the sliding scoring penalties towards the Defender shall apply for that year.


  Philosophy:  to keep the cup moving from fleet to fleet and to a variety of fleets.

–  Not the defender. 

–  Fleet who has longest time since winning Cup.

–  Fleet with most boats.

–  Furthest traveled (club to club)

5.  Sportsmanship:  While the Founder’s Cup is a fleet competition with fleet scoring it must be understood that “TEAM RACING TATICS ARE NOT TO BE USED.”  All competitors must agree that the team effort comes from encouraging members to participate.  This team effort is recognized in the scoring system.  Sailors must compete as individuals at all times when racing.

6.  The Defender may choose which Traveler’s Series regatta the Founder’s Cup will be contested for during the following season.  This choice must be made in writing or via e-mail by the Defending fleet with prior acceptance by the hosting fleet (if at a different site) to the Traveler’s Series chairman and to the charter fleet (#38, GTYC) by Dec 31st of the year in which the Cup was won.

**** Fleet #38 shall host this regatta for the first two competitions ****

7.  If for any reason the specified regatta for the Founder’s Cup does not take place then the Founder’s Cup shall be sailed, if reasonably possible, at one of the remaining Traveler’s series (potential host fleet has the option to refuse thus passing the opportunity to another fleet).  Due to timing, this may necessitate the waiving of the announcement for the remainder of that sailing season.

8.  The notice of race for the Founder’s Cup is to be included in and be the same as the notice of race for the designated Traveler’s regatta.  The notice of race must prominently include the fact that the Founder’s Cup will also be contested for and awarded at this regatta.


Great White Northern Championship


Interlake Founder’s Cup

July 25 & 26, 1998

Fleet #38, GTYC

9.  If any of the above requirements are not met, or if any controversy as to proper procedure or possession arise, then the charter fleet (#38) will settle the dispute and/or take possession of the Perpetual Trophy and the Founder’s Cup regatta. 

10.  The charter fleet (#38) will keep the official records and help perpetuate the spirit of the Founder’s Cup.

Established 7-25-1998 by Fleet #38.

   ISCA President: Scott Savage

   Fleet #38, Grand Traverse Y.C., Captain: Bob Sagan

   Fleet #38 Founding members:  Bob Sagan, Jim Clark, Mike Burns, Mark Thompson, Ed Harris, 

            Mike Nichols, Ed Reynolds, Traverse Area Community Sailing.

   Redrafts/tweaks by Bob Sagan & Fleet 38.

   Special notation:  Ed Russell – The Founder’s Cup started from his idea’s.

In recognition of Fleet #38 and the original members of fleet #1 (Carl Schenk, John Mcleod, Bob Judson, Glen Detro, and Norm Mantey).  Also, in recognition of Gene Brandle for campaigning hull #1 for twenty years (40’s thru 50’s) and the only two life members in the ISCA, Paul Koch & Norm Winkle who were the leaders of the rebirth of the ISCA in 1955.  (Special addition:  George Fisher who was inducted as the third ISCA LIFE MEMBER at Nationals 1998.  George Fisher was key in the development of the way the Interlake is tuned and sailed.  He is also a consummate teacher.  As of 2001 he had 10 ISCA Championships, had served the ISCA Executive Committee in may capacities and is still going strong.)


  Fleet #38, Grand Traverse Y.C.      

  Reynolds (Quantum) Sails    

   Frank Sagan (Bob’s Dad) for carving and donating the base.