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Hewitt 1200 Pound Boat Lift

Hewitt 1200# boat lift – Aluminum. Used for dry sailing and stored on land in off season.  Located at Kiser Lake Sailing Club and can be seen onshore.  Have extension leveling legs for use at depths of 4 to 5 feet.  Asking $500.  Call Alan Keirn at 937-362-3945 or email


Interlake 1273– Grey hull, white deck, seats, stainless centerboard, good condition. Checked out solid and mast base reinforced by Terry Kilpatrick. Includes trailer, North Sails main sail and newer jib, spinnaker by other. Whisker pole, spinnaker pole, paddle, anchor, roller furler equipped. Has boom vang, Cunningham, topping lift, bailers, and tank flotation. Dock cover. Dry sailed on Kiser Lake, stored inside. Asking $2500. Call Alan Keirn at 937-362-3945 or email


Used Interlake 867 – Year mid 70’s, white hull and deck, one main, jib and spinnaker, forestay tension lever, Harken mainsheet cleat with ratchet block, classic floatation, classic centerboard trunk, classic seated deck, anchor, paddle, cockpit cover, trailer with parking jack, $900. Inspection summary is available.

Rick Lyons- Sales and service Manager.


Interlake #1173 for sale. $740.

I’m selling Interlake (hull #1173). It comes with a great trailer. I originally bought this as a project but was never able to get started. Includes two (2) sets of main and jib sails. One set if very old but in working order and the other is used racing sails. One (1) spinnaker.

Centerboard trunk is not cut down. Hardware is in working order. Lines and halyards should be replaced.

Please Contact Robert for more information. (412) 414-6466