Interlake Hull 1163

I bought this boat a short time ago in the hopes of being able to singlehand it. I’ve cleaned it up, updated the registration and bought a few stainless bits for the rig and a new tiller handle from Thane Morgan. It is in pretty good shape. My sailing buddies are all gone. Either out of the sport, out of the area or passed away. It is too much boat for me to sail by myself. I choose to sell it. I bought it cheap from a young couple off to California and not wanting to take it with them. All it needs to hit the water is new jib and main sheets. I’d have the sails cleaned. One is a bit grubby. Its got some sails from Interlake 1338. Its definitely a former racer, as its got adjustments for everything under the sun. If I were to keep it I would strip it bare and make it solely a old mans cruiser. I’m into the boat for around $900. I’d like to get that back out of it. I’m only a short distance from SSC in Sandusky. I sailed out of there many years ago. I could bring it up if anyone wanted to look it over. Or to LSYC. Or come to my house in Amherst. If you know of anyone interested in it, please let me know.  Thank you.

Fred Presler

602 Park Ave

Amherst, Ohio 44001


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