Interlake Hull 27 July 1936

Found abandoned on the shore of the Columbia River, Vancouver, WA in about 1980. Bottom was replaced in 1994 and then the entire boat was fully restored in 2001.  It is now an antique classic that is a beautiful daysailer.  There is a binder with photographs and reports from salvage thru complete restoration. Sailed about once a year on average since 2012. Meticulous garage storage of boat and gear.

ifi” (i found it) is rigged for two persons to raise the mast without help.  From arrival at launch ramp to in the water can be completed in about I hour.


1. One set of sails (main and 50 sq-ft jib) sewn by Petrich of Port Townsend, WA, in 2001.

2. Galvanized ¼ plate steel centerboard in full height centerboard trunk.

3. Mast (1936) and boom are spruce.  Mast penetrates the deck and rests on the keel.

4. 12 volt “Endura 46” outboard motor with deep cycle battery.

5. 1998 ShoreLander galvanized trailer with side rollers and racks for mast and boom.

6. Full floorboards.

7. One over-the-boom mooring cover and one storage cover.

8. Anchor, chain, and nylon line

9. Set of class drawings, revised 1962.

10. Dock lines, fenders, paddle, boat hook, boom crotch, seat cushions, battery charger, hand bilge pump, etc.Asking: $6000, Newbury Vermont

Location:  151 Southview Rd, Newbury VT   802-866-9008

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