Regatta Cancellations and Postponements due to CV-19

The Chief’s Regatta, scheduled for May 2 & 3 at Leatherlips Yacht Club, was CANCELED for 2020. Leatherlips will be trying to identify a safe and practical time to invite the Class to a regatta later in the year.

The Cattail Regatta, scheduled for May 30 at Jolly Roger Sailing Club, is POSTPONED to August 30, 2020.

The One Design Regatta at Sandusky Sailing Club, scheduled for June 13 & 14, is CANCELED.

The Cleveland Race Week event at Edgewater Yacht Club, scheduled for June 20 & 21, is CANCELED.

The George Fisher Memorial Regatta, scheduled for June 6 & 7, is POSTPONED to June 20, 2020. It is planned as a simplified, one day event at Hoover Sailing Club.