Midwinters 2015 – Day1

Day 1 Report

Davis Island YC – Fireball and Friends

First race the three person boats had a big speed advantage with the new Mackay team in Wimpy taking a big lead, followed by Aspery, Sanderson and the Bradleys.  It was a triangle windward leeward and tricky on the reaches to decide whether to fly the chute or not.  The Mackay team broached with the chute and swamped the boat and Aspery got the lead with Bradley Sanderson and Humphrey following.

Second race with more breeze and a simple triangle course…Aspery and the Bradleys jumped into the lead with Sanderson and several others close behind.  Humphrey got through the pack by being the first to find the leeward mark and low roading past most of the pack on the second reach.  Steve low roaded through Bradley and those two were first around the bottom with Humphrey close behind.  Aspery drove cleanly through the line for another win.  The Bradleys missed the course change and sailed by the finish line leaving Humphrey 2nd as the Bradleys fell to a frustrating 5th.

Third race was a double windward leeward by popular request.  About a third of the way up the beat Humphrey tacked to clear from under Aspery and his mast came down.  No injuries.  Apparently the slamming around loosened the pin at the hounds even though it was well taped.  As Humphrey was towed in Aspery cruised to a third win.

Last race was a single windward leeward, and Team Aspery won this race also.

day1 scores-diyc15