2014 Nationals @ PYC Final Report

The race committee headed by Tom Ehman Jr. seeing a few mph of wind on the lake sent out the competitors around 12.30pm hoping the wind would fill before 1pm.  Unfortunately the wind did not cooperate, but I must say the race committee did an excellent job all week.  Additionally hats  off to the host fleet @ Portage YC for hosting such a great event.  The sailors had fun paddling back to the dock, and yes many of us raced back.1174-Champion

I must say it was very cool to see the competitors helping everyone get their boats out of the water and getting bottom covers on.  I also would like to point out that Tom Ehman Sr. upon reaching the shore immediately went across the street to offer help pulling out boats with his Kubota tractor.  We were having fun muscling the boats into the trailers, that we opted to pass on the help from Tom.  But Tom we all noticed and appreciated the offer for help.

So onto the racing which is why many are tuning into the website in mid July.

Our 2014 Interlake National Champion is Stu Fisher and his father Matt Fisher.  This team all week was at the front of the pack, finishing no worse than third.  Once you account for the throw out where Stu was able to throw out a third place he finished; 1,2,1,2 – for a total of six points.  Again CONGRATULATIONS to STU FISHER!!!!!

Stu Champ

In second place with 10 points was Steve Aspery and Alan Freeland.  We had a three way tie of teams with 17 points.  After accounting for tie breakers we had Lee Sackett and Dave Kerr finishing third, Peter Frissell and and Bill Frissell finishing fourth and in fifth place was Scott Savage and Rick Savage.

Here are the race tracks:

Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

Race 4

Race 5

Our 2014 Masters Champion is Tom Ehman Sr. who also finished 7th overall in the champions division.  Tom Kimball was crew for Tom.

Our 2014 Challenger Champion is Meghan Dieball.  Meghan and team (sister Mallory and dad Skip) did a masterful job of keeping their boat in pressure and always seem to be on the right tack.

Mark Presley is now the president of the ISCA.  We are in good hands with Mark’s leadership.  The board will also miss Brad Huntley’s leadership as he slides off the board as past president.  Lastly as was pointed out last night at the general membership meeting, a very special thanks goes out to Steve Aspery for his exceptional leadership the last year as Interlake president.

Friday pictures.  Again thanks to Steve Schewe for the great pictures.

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