Interlaker of the Year (2014)

Tom Humphrey is the 2014 Interlaker of the Year. Tom has been in the class a relatively short time but quickly volunteered to help. He has great ideas but more importantly he demonstrates a willingness to spend the time and energy to do the work to make them happen.

Tom purchased a set of GPS trackers at his own expense and graciously shares them with the class for use at regattas. Even more importantly, he has put the time into preparing the units for each event, distributing them, and then spends hours downloading and setting up the data for viewing by participants. Many Interlakers have enjoyed seeing the data and have learned from it because of Tom’s efforts.

Tom became class Secretary-Treasurer last year and has instituted online membership renewal, developed and offered online payment capability for class events, and developed the Interlake hotline for reporting scores and events for the website. Tom’s efforts have not only made things easier for members, but also directly increased the number of active members of the class.

Tom has demonstrated a willingness to step up and do whatever is needed to improve the class and its operations. There are many people with good ideas but too few willing to put in the effort to make them happen. Tom is one of those few.

Thank you Tom for your hard work on our behalf;  we TomHcan’t wait to see what you can do next year.     Steve Aspery – ISCA President