2014 Nationals @ PYC Day 1 Report

Well before discussing the sailing on Thursday July 17th we need to update the results from the Interlake Women and Junior Championships which was held on Wednesday July 16th.  Ann Taylor and Jack Coleman took first place in the Women’s Championship.  Betsy Bradley sailing with Chris Davis and finished second.  Andrew Hopkins and his dad, Ken Hopkins, won the Junior Championship. Andrew only recently started to sail the Interlake, so very well done Andrew.  Jake Kingsley and Andy Nixon fished second.  Congratulations to Ann Taylor and Andrew Hopkins our 2014 Women and Junior Champions!

Wednesday picturespyc

Thursday morning was greeted with deep blue sunny skies, and mild temperatures.  The wind was somewhere between zero and 2 mph @ 9am.  However by 11am when the first race started we had winds of out the southwest at 5 mph, but under shifty conditions. Throughout the day we had very shifty conditions, wind ranges from 2 to 10 mph.  The race committee did an excellent job of staying on top of the conditions and giving us three excellent races.

In the first race Stu Fisher jumped out to an early lead and extended his lead throughout the race.  I believe Stu found a lot of pressure on the right side of the course on his windward legs and actually sailed above the starboard layline and cracked his sails and smoked into the windward mark.  Peter Frissell finished second and Steve Aspery was third.

In the second race Lee Sackett started on starboard but quickly crossed the entire fleet on port.  Lee was able to lead the race wire to wire.  Stuart Fisher finished second and Scott Savage finished third.  We then went into the club for a quick lunch on shore.

In the final race of the day Stu Fisher again won the race.  Great sailing today Stu!  Steve Aspery finished third.  Scott Savage finished third, but not without some pre race drama.  Shortly before the third race Scott and his brother, Rick Savage, had their center bolt cable break.  Without panicking they sailed over close to shore and flipped their boat.  Scott ran on shore to get some tools and spare parts.  Team Savage made it to the pin just as the race started.  Now going upwind Rick had to bailout the entire cockpit.  Nice job Savages.

In the Challenger Division Meghan Dieball was putting on a clinic.  Meghan was sailing with her sister, Mallory and dad.  Meghan lead wire to wire in all three races.  Rick Jarzembowski sailing with Mitch Kimball finished second in the first two races.  Stuart Spencer sailing with his daughter, Gretchen finished second in the final race of the day.

Thursday pictures