National Championship 2013 – final results

Congratulations to Skip Dieball and Jeff Eiber for winning the Interlake National Champion for 2013 at the Sandusky Sailing Club (SSC).  Skip and Jeff were rock solid throughout the series.  nat champs 13

In total we had nine races in four days with one throw out.  The Skip Dieball team dominated on all types of conditions.  On day one we had lighter wind conditions and super hot temperatures.  The following day had wind conditions at the maximum limit of what an Interlake boat can safely handle (i.e. consistent winds in upper teens and low 20’s and gust slightly higher).  Overnight two inches of rain came down at SSC and winds were howling.  So on Day three the winds were still strong but manageable with a lot of chop in Sandusky Bay.  On the final day we had winds out of the northeast that I am guessing were in the 10-12mph range.

View the tracks for this event at the tracking page, or from the links below:

Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

Race 4

Race 5

Race 6

Race 7

Race 8

Race 9

Here are the scores

Championship Division

Challenger Division


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