Sandusky 1 Design 2013 Results

Second day of the Sandusky SC One Design Regatta brought winds in the 10-15mph range from the east.  The RC did a great job of setting courses all weekend long.  Race 4 (first race on Sunday) was won by Jim Ward, followed by Bryan Parker.  In the final race three boats were out in front (Ward, B. Parker, Dieball) with everyone slightly further back in a large pack.  Halfway through this final race Tom Humphrey made the jump into front pack and ultimately finished 2nd with Jim Ward again taking 1st.  See the final results below.

First day of the Sandusky Sailing Club One Design Regatta had “challenging” wind conditions.  Ernie and Jacqueline Dieball are the club house in first.  They were consistent all day long.  They finished with 3, 1 & 1.  Bryan and Tiffany Parker are in second, and only three points behind the leaders.  Jim Ward is in third.  Brad Huntley is in fourth with the same number of points as his son in law, Jim Ward.  Mark Presley rounds out the top 5.

On shore we had lots of beverage choices and an excellent dinner.  Looking forward to more wind on Sunday.

View the tracks for this event at the tracking page, or from the links below:

Race 1

Race 2

Race 3

Race 4

Race 5

ssc final scores