2013 Interlake Measurement System

New ISCA Measurement System
Electronic Certificates are public, available, and speed 2013 Measurement


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Clark Chapin, Chief Measurer

The new ISCA Measurement System, implemented this year, promises to pay big dividends in reducing the amount of time that people spend measuring their boats each year for our Nationals.


Over the years, the ISCA Measurement Committee amassed two or three binders full of measurement forms for boats at the Nationals. These forms were meticulously filed, numerically by boat number, so that the data for any boat was retrievable.

Unfortunately, at the 2007 Nationals at Sandusky, these binders were lost. Numerous attempts to locate it have failed. Since that time, many sailors who have been to previous Nationals had merely signed off on the hull and spar measurements for their boats and had them weighed.

2012 Process

In 2012, the Executive Committee (now the Board of Directors) wished to significantly reduce the burden to attend the Nationals.

To that end, the Chief Measurer and the Measurement Committee pre-measured the hulls and spars of boats at the Cattail and Sandusky, and Interlake Stakes Regattas, leaving only three parameters to be measured, all of which require a hoist:

  • Boat Weight
  • Rudder Weight
  • Centerboard Bolt PositionThis process pre-measured about half of the 2012 Nationals entrants.Electronic Measurement CertificatesIn the 1960s, each boat had a physical, written, certificate that each owner was expected to pass on to the next owner. Over time, most of these were lost and the ISCA stopped issuing them.

The rise of electronic spreadsheets, such as Microsoft Excel, and “cloud” data storage has created new opportunities for the ISCA and similar classes. Using the data collected this year to re-establish the documentation for active boats, the ISCA now has a database that contains current and historical data and going forward will streamline the measurement process in 2013 at Sandusky and in future years.

Public Database

The ISCA Measurement database is in Excel 97- 2003 format and is on a public Dropbox site at: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/19886759/Measure ment%20Certificates%20Current.xls

The workbook has several tabs:

  • Measurement Data: The compilation of Active and Inactive Data
  • Measurement Form: To view or print in printable form the current data for any boat, enter the hull number of any boat.
  • Blank Measurement Form: A printable form for use at the 2013 Nationals or pre- measurement sites.
  • Blank Sail Measurement Form: A printable form for sail measurement.How Can Interlakers Use This?First of all, you should have Excel on your computer or be able to access an Excel file (file extension .xlw)

• Measurement Certificate
You can view and print the current measurement data for any boat by clicking on the “Measurement Form” tab and then filling in the boat number. The file will retrieve the current data and display it. You can then print the form for yours (or anyone’s) boat.

• Boat History
You can review the history of a boat by clicking on the “Measurement Data” tab and then filtering on the boat number.

page1image33048 page1image33208 page1image33368 page1image33528 2013 Process

Now that the database is established and useable, any boat that attends the Nationals will only need to
measure its weight,

which can be done quickly with the mast either up or down.

The Measurement Committee intends to pre-measure as many boats as possible, especially at Sandusky. This will only apply to boats that were not measured in 2012

For everyone else, the vision is that the current certificate will be printed and only the boat weight will be re- measured. The latest weight data will be entered into the database.