Specification 14 Vote

vote iconInterlake voting on Specification 14 (optional equipment).  These three documents below can also be found in the April 2013 Intercom.  There are two methods to vote – in person at the Chief’s Regatta on May 4th at Leatherlips Yacht Club or via mail. You cannot e-mail your vote. In either case you must be an active member in good standing with the Interlake Class Sailing Association (ISCA). All voting will be in accordance with the ISCA Constitution Article X (Voting). All ballots must be signed and postmarked by May 20th or in the possession of the ISCA Secretary/Treasurer by May 20th. If you choose to mail your ballot, please mail it to: Ron Gall, 2022 Glencove Dr, Toledo, OH, 43609. If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at ron.gall@yahoo.com or call me at 419-450-6972.

president letter apr2014

Chief Measurer Letter

Ballot Specification 14