Midwinters 2013 Day 3 (Final) Report

Well by now everyone is home from a fantastic 2013 Interlake Midwinters.  The Interlake Class wishes to thank Pat Crump, Regatta Chair, Davis Island Yacht Club, DIYC staff and the Fireballs for hosting such a great event and opening up their club to us.  This was the 48th consecutive running of Fireball and Friends!  If you didn’t make it this year, plan on going next time.  The sailing was great.  What was even better was hanging out at the beautiful Davis Island Yacht Club with great friends in the warm weather.  All three visible

A special thanks to Lisa Aspery who took care of things on shore and was also our onsite photographer.  Special recognition also goes out to Tom Humphrey.  Tom put a lot of time and effort into putting a proposal together to ask the ISCA Board of Directors for a special limited exemption to permit a basic GPS tracker (records data only and no display of any kind) for each boat.  The Board approved his proposal for Midwinters and Chiefs only.  The next Intercom will have an article further explaining the GPS trackers.  

View the GPS tracks for this event at the tracking page, or from the links below:

Race 4

Race 5

Race 6

Race 7

Race 8

Race 9

Race 10

Congratulations to Steve Aspery (Interlake #1402) as our 2013 Midwinter’s Champion.  Steve sailed with his daughter, Melisse Aspery, and Jeff Tyndall.  Steve and crew put on a clinic on the race course.

Bill Sanderson sailed with his daughter, Cara Sanderson Bown, and Denny Osborn.  Bill and team sailed very well in their brand new Interlake #1433 from Customflex.  The farthest traveled award goes to Louis Rodriguez who came from Traverse City, Michigan.  Tom Humphrey traveling in a “house on wheels” get the traveling in style award.  The below gallery contains a few pictures and will grow as I upload more to the website.

Interlake Midwinters 2013 Gallery

[flagallery gid=16 name=Gallery]