Midwinters 2013 Day 1 Report

We had a great first day of racing at the Interlake Midwinters 2013.  We apart of Fireball and Friends and very appreciative that the Fireballs invited us and the gracious southern hospitality provided at Davis Island Yacht Club.  Their was not a cloud in the sky all day long the sea breeze filled in nicely as the day progressed.


We got three races in today.  The first race was out of the south under very light conditions.  Steve Aspery got to a lead and managed to run wire to wire in first place.  Ron Gall finished second and Bill Sanderson finished third.  The wind clocked to the right and the second race had the windward mark set at 265.  This race had some lead changes in the end Steve Aspery finished on top.  Ron Gall was close behind in second and again Bill Sanderson got third.  In the final race the sea breeze had moved a little further right and had the highest winds of the day.   The wind speed averaged about 10-12 mph with minimal chop.  Again Steve Aspery finished first and Bill Sanderson in second and Mike McClinchie in third.

Saturday will have lots of sunshine, and likely some tricky wind conditions.  At some point the predicted east wind will fight with the sea breeze so we could race in the late morning with a nice east breeze, before the wind machine goes flat before the sea breeze kicks in.

Please check back the next two days and we have a high tech surprise in store for the next two days!

Mike McClinchie